We provide a complete range of effective treatment options for vitiligo, based on the latest technology and best medical practice. Relying on our clinical experience and expertise as specialists, treatment options are tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Be it medical treatment, phototherapy or surgical transplant, we are here to help you at every stage of your condition.

Effective & Evidence-based Treatment

1. Medical Treatment

Vitiligo usually involves a combination of treatment approaches. However, if the areas involved are small and few, medical treatment alone can be effective. Generally they involved the use of externally applied prescription creams that contain steroids, calcineurin inhibitors or vitamin D-derivatives (calcipotriols). These formulations help to stop the autoimmune attack against the melanocytes, and allow the restoration of melanocytes (hence colour). Do not be fooled by self-professed “special formulations” or “exclusive creams” online, they are generally without valid clinical verification, or are simply a combination of the above-mentioned prescriptions. If the areas involved are multiple and larger, or that the vitiligo is spreading quickly, additional treatment with steroid pills  (or immuno-modulators) and oral antioxidants will be required. Our team of specialist doctors will assess your condition and take you through the treatment plan most suitable for your needs.

2. Targeted Phototherapy

Phototherapy helps to reduce the autoimmune attack against melanocytes and stimulate generation of new melanocytes (hence colour). If the area of vitiligo is small and few, targeted phototherapy can be used to treat these specific sites. Targeted phototherapy delivers short narrowband UVB light to the affected vitiligo area, while minimising exposure of the unaffected healthy skin. Our centres have two world-class targeted delivery systems that have proven tracked record of effectiveness: the powerful Israeli Multiclear System and the German GME Exsys-308 Excimer System.  These devices delivers concentrated doses of narrowband UVB to the targeted areas of vitiligo in a very short period of time. Clinical studies have shown that these systems re-pigment stable vitiligo rapidly. 

3. Full Body Phototherapy

For 39 years, Daavlin has been bringing effective innovations in phototherapy for skin conditions. Partnering with dermatologists (skin specialists) throughout the world, Daavlin has revolutionised clinical phototherapy by creating the new Neolux system. We are pleased to incorporate this new precision-crafted and thoughtfully designed system in our centre.  For patient with more extensive vitiligo patches, this full body phototherapy cabinet allows maximal delivery of narrowband UVB in a short spate of time. Armed with 48-lamps, the new Neolux  is optimised to deliver phototherapy in a comfortable setting with maximal efficiency. This system is also designed with a host of safety features, keeping you safe during irradiation; it allows you to manually stop the treatment or activate an automatic shut-off by opening the doors. 

4. Surgical Transplant

Not every vitiligo requires a surgery; in fact very few do. Surgical transplant is indicated for vitiligo that fails to respond to medical treatment and phototherapy. In addition, it is only performed when vitiligo is stable, i.e. no more expansion of existing patches or appearance of new vitiligo patches. Surgical transplant involves either tissue grafting or melanocyte grafting. Melanocyte grafting is an approved surgical technique that our centre perfects. It involves the grafting an individual own melanocytes onto his /her own vitiligo areas (where melanocytes are absent). This is a highly skilled procedure and takes years of training  to perfect. The doctor performing this procedure has to be a specialist who has undergone proper accredited training. We take pride that our skin specialist has been performing this surgical procedure for vitiligo for more than 14 years, and has successfully treated more than 600 patients with this procedure. In addition, our centre has also been teaching and instructing dermatologists throughout the world on this technique, and has published extensively in reputable medical journals and textbooks (click here).  You can be rest assured that you will be under good hands should you require this surgery. Let our specialists explain and guide you through the procedure.

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